Electronic repair

Reverse Engineering

Worldwide service

Maritronic is based in The Netherlands close to Amsterdam and Antwerp, however we can help our customers worldwide.

Spare parts

We have parts for Mitsubishi turbine control system, Switchboard protection relay units and much more

Electronic repair

Repair of electronic systems in our workshop in Bleiswijk, send the parts to us and we fix them.

Expert on MHI Turbine Control Systems

We do service your system and have all parts on stock, is your system 25 years old, we have the parts and can help.

  • Control cabinet CPU cards available
  • New power supply units
  • Telegraph system exchange units
  • Telegraph overhead repeater
  • Timers, relay’s, solid state relay’s
  • Maneuvring valve control and feedback unit overhaul
  • Software backup

We can also offer a complete system replacement based on latest Siemens PLC hardware with interface to your DCS system.

About Us

Maritronic is based in Bleiswijk located close to the port of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Antwerp, for jobs in other countries we a situated close to Amsterdam Airport to fly to any destination.

We do repair and design of control systems onboard seagoing vessels, the services offered are on a wide range of equipment from steering gear, switchboard control systems to commissioning of the drive system for a 50.000Ton lifting system, 1000Ton leg encircling crane or design of a control system for a 40.000HP Propulsion Steam Turbine.

Ours specialisation is repair of electronic equipment on component level, something which is not offered by most manufacturers and official representatives.

Repair on component level.

Why replacing when it can be fixed.

We offer repair and preventive maintenance for electronic systems, this can be a switchboard electronic protection relay, Electric acuator, Turbine control system, PLC system, everyting with a modern powersupply does fail on average after approx 15 years, replacing certain components does increase the lifetime.